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Marimo Moss Ball from Pretty Cactus. 
Each little Marimo Ball is living in a small jar of water. These make the perfect, easy to care for pet plant. The Moss Balls are living in tap water. You just need to remember to change the water every two weeks and your Moss Ball will remove the impurities from the tap water and produce oxygen bubbles.
That's it!
Marimo Moss Balls are one of the easiest plants to care for. You literally can't kill them.
This ball is approx 2.5cm in diameter and will continue to grow. Once it's outgrown the jar you can either pop it in a new jar, or pull the ball into two peices and then you have two Marimo Moss Balls. 
They grow approximately 0.5cm in diameter every year, so they have plenty of grown space of the time being. 
Jar measures 8cm high, by 5cm wide. 
Marimo Moss Ball is approx 2.5cm in diameter. 
Delivery Details: 
Your Marimo Moss Ball will be delivered without water. Just add tap water on arrival. 

Marimo Moss Ball